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"People with chronic disabilities such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and arthritis have shown a gradual improvement in the condition and also in quality of life. It is always worth trying the Bowen Technique because in many cases it has been known to trigger surprising and unexpected recoveries when nothing else has worked."

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       CASE STUDY                

I've been seeing a client for the last 9 months.  She is 54 and was diagnosed with Parkinson's 10 years ago.  She is now at about Stage 2.  Her tremor is noticeable but not violent.  She stoops due to tension in her back and her ankles are rigid.  She often lacks energy.

She rang me last summer as she had read about the extremely positive effects of Bowen Technique on Parkinsonís symptoms.  In his book "Stop Parkin', Start Livin' ", John Coleman
writes about his experiences with Parkinson's. 
At one stage he was suffering Stage IV, quite severe, yet did not take any drugs. Instead, he was a big devotee and student of natural therapies, most notably Aqua Essences and Bowen Technique, and within a few years was symptom free.  Itís an inspiring book and highly recommended. 

So after reading this my client contacted me as I was local to her at the time and she explained how she was looking for a long term therapist, not weeks or months but possibly years.  I started seeing her fortnightly and the very first reaction I noticed immediately was that her tremors stopped completely.  They returned when she turned over but on a lesser scale and at times subsided again. The next change we experienced, after a couple of months, was an improvement in her urinary function.  From getting up four to five times a night, she was now only getting up perhaps twice a night and occasionally slept right through.  She also found she could go through the evening without needing to empty her bladder several times, a bonus to her social life. 

I spent a whole hour with her and, as suggested by John Coleman, I put in quite a few moves, but generally each session was a different mix.  Another good result was a very positive comment from a friend who hadnít seen her for nearly a year and remarked at how her tremors seemed less pronounced. 

She isn't taking any drugs at all and is determined to use natural therapies but is aware it will be a long haul to control her symptoms.  Due to her tremors, some amendments had to be made to how I made a move but I used my intuition and still seemed to get good results.  This is a great example of treating the person and not the condition as I have no previous experience of Parkinson's and only a brief understanding, yet working on my client holistically has brought positive results. 

                                                                              Sarah Pluves, Bowen Practitioner



       Watch Video of John Coleman
The story of John Coleman and the miraculous results of
 turning to natural and alternative healing methods to regain his health.

In 1995, John Coleman was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease by five practitioners (including three medical practitioners). By August 1995, John was suffering from Stage IV Parkinson's Disease and early Multi-System Atrophy, had lost his power of speech, was unable to walk 5 metres without assistance, and took an hour and a half to get dressed. Severely dissatisfied with western medical treatment and prognosis, John decided to pursue other methods.

With the aid of complementary therapies, including the Bowen Technique, John was able to recover from many of the symptoms and regain his health.

John currently conducts an online mentoring program which provides weekly classes for those with Parkinson's Disease, which includes a few classes on Bowen and how to find a therapist.

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